The ScAIRcrow

At ScAIRcrow we have the most technologically advanced bird deterrence products on the market. Our team of geeks and data scientists have created products that work and we have the data to prove it.

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If AIRborn isn't for you our ground based deterrence products work equally as well at keeping those pesky ornis (greek for birds in case you were wondering) from ruining your day.

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Custom Solutions

At ScAIRcrow we believe technology is the next frontier.  And we are pretty passionate about it.  Plus, we understand that Mountain Dew and Cheetos will fuel our geeks to their full potential.  And we keep them well fed!  So whether you want some Artificial Intelligence or just a bigger hammer we will help you do the R&D to be successful.

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You know they say necessity is the mother of invention.  Well, while that is true, an unlimited supply of Mountain Dew and Cheetos being fed to a group of geeks who have been armed with the latest in technology is gonna push a darn close second.

When we started ScAIRcrow it was just because we had a passion for creating really kool things!  Sure, there was a need, but that wasn't what pushed it for us.  It was the fact others said it couldn't be done. And we all had a little free time between Midnight and 6:00AM.

See you in the ether!

Team ScAIRcrow!


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